Deeply influenced by her South African roots, Janneke Storm fuses the organic with her innate appreciation for the wild, culminating in her creative expression.

Intuitively responding to the natural ebbs and flows between souls, Janneke captures the raw and refined moments, layered with emotional eloquence. Capturing romance for over 10 years, most articulate behind the lens, Janneke’s ability to translate moments into memories is what draws couples to her work.

Dancing her way across the globe, Janneke photographs couples worldwide and finds her inspiration through each experience, most often resulting in friendship along the way.

Easily identifiable by its delicate balance, Janneke’s work is editorial in style and intimately balanced. Her work has been featured in renowned publications, Hello May, Together Journal, Harper’s Bazaar and beyond.

DESCRIBE MYSELF IN A FEW WORDS: loving, friendly, adventurous