About Janneke Storm


Photographer | Traveller | Wildlife Warrior

Describe myself in a few words: loving, friendly, adventurous

Fast facts:

- shoot weddings & fashion
- born in South Africa
- based in Australia since 2000
- have 3 Burmese cats (Shaka, Amahle & Thembi) and 2 Labrador's (Tandeka & Jabulani) - yes all our animals have African names and don't understand English
- love wildlife
- passionate about wildlife & environment conservation
- live off coffee & tea
- married to my camera (as mum says)
- travel a bit for work and play
- as much as I love to travel, there's no place like home
- favourite country I've visited, Iceland. Close second, Tanzania
- my happy place: on safari in Africa
- never go anywhere without music
- there's always music for any mood or occasion
- really close to my family
- my close friends are like family to me
- I love cold climates yet live in sub-tropical weather (doesn't make sense to me either!)
- love dressing up for the cold
- obsessed with taking photos of random cats on my travels
- studied photography so have the piece of paper to say 'I'm a qualified photographer'... yet no one has ever asked me to show it...
- only 3 people have ever guessed my age